Yokohama Board Game

Yokohama at Rigoler

The designer Hisashi Hayashi and illustrator Ryoko Hayashi of the board game Yokohama (横濱紳商伝) were at Rigoler last Sunday. There was a special event for the game with signed copies available that had quite the turnout, with the game actually selling out.

Designer Hisashi Hayashi and illustrator Ryoko Hayashi hold up their board game Yokohama
Ryoko Hayashi and Hisashi Hayashi

Game components laid out on the table

I was running a D&D one-shot at the time, so couldn’t actually participate, but the game looked fun! The system seemed intriguing and the idea of playing merchants in the city I live had a certain appeal. Definitely hope to give it a try next time I’m at Rigoler. You can check out the publisher’s blog in Japanese for some more photos and info about the event.

Yokohama mid-game

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