Father’s Day

As I wrote about on Mother’s Day, my parents have always been very supportive. So today for Father’s Day, I’d like to thank my father for helping nurture my diverse interests.

Before retiring, my father worked a variety of jobs. The jobs ranged from a fishing boat to a wineries, a bookstore, a carpentry shop, and a variety of others, but the one he did longest was gardening. An even wider range of hobbies have included various kinds of art, archery, beading, sewing, black powder, atlatls, Continue reading Father’s Day

Mother’s Day

I’d like to take this Mother’s Day to thank my mother for always being supportive. We played a variety board and card games when I was young, and while we didn’t play any role-playing games, she always supported this hobby of mine.

I first encountered role-playing games when I was nine or ten and a friend (Hey D!) at an after school program introduced me to a home made game Space Pirates. This in turn led to AD&D and a host of other games as we grew up. This was in the early 90’s, so the D&D-leads-to-diablerie craze had subsided, but its effects were still lingering. One of the teachers, for instance, forbade D&D by name, but allowed other RPGs. I recall my friend and I once going to the library to covertly “study” Dungeons and Dragons. Continue reading Mother’s Day