Father’s Day

As I wrote about on Mother’s Day, my parents have always been very supportive. So today for Father’s Day, I’d like to thank my father for helping nurture my diverse interests.

Before retiring, my father worked a variety of jobs. The jobs ranged from a fishing boat to a wineries, a bookstore, a carpentry shop, and a variety of others, but the one he did longest was gardening. An even wider range of hobbies have included various kinds of art, archery, beading, sewing, black powder, atlatls, Continue reading Father’s Day

Game Mastery Magazine and Sword World

Last time we took a general look at analog game magazines in Japan, but this time we’ll dig into Game Mastery Magazine. Game Mastery Magazine is published by Group SNE and focuses on their various games. Published in March, volume 3 focuses on the history of Sword World and takes a peak at what is coming this summer with version 2.5. In addition to its Sword World coverage, it’s packed with articles about various TRPGs and board games. A4 in size, it is 162 pages and sells for 1,800 yen (roughly $18). Printed mostly in black and white, there are several full color sections. It’s available at local game shops as well as Amazon Japan

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