Game Master vol 3 & Role & Roll vol 140

TRPG Magazines in Japan

TRPGs in Japan are still very much a paper affair, and that in particular can be seen in the number of print magazines dedicated to them. A few specific to TRPGs are:

Role and Roll (ロール&ロール) published by Arclight


Gamer’s Field (ゲーマーズ・フィールド) published by F.E.A.R.


Game Mastery (ゲームマスタリーマガジン)


and Warlock Magazine (ウォーロックマガジン, formerly TtT Magazine), dedicated to Tunnels and Trolls.



Game Mastery, TtT, and Warlock are published by Group SNE .

Role & Roll covers all games, while the others tend to support just the games published by their publisher. But what types of articles do they have? They range the gamut from interviews, guides, replays, and game scenarios to comics, fiction, and reviews. These are also fairly hefty magazines– the above pictured Role and Roll is 138 pages and Game Mastery is 162.

We’ll take a more detailed look at Game Mastery next time and then Role & Roll after that to see the type of content they have to offer.

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