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Games at Hama-con

A question I often hear is, “what TRPGs are popular in Japan?” I recently saw a flyer for a large TRPG convention, and thought it’d be interesting to look at the games being played.

Before we jump into the specifics, “convention” can mean anything from a small monthly event with a table or two to large events with dozens of tables. They also range from general TRPG conventions to single-system-only conventions, where only one game system is played (e.g. Sword World only).

Hama-con 2018

Hama-con (浜っコン, “Hama” coming from “Yokohama”, where it is based) takes place on May 5th. It has fifty tables spread across three floors and they’re expecting 250 attendees. One floor with nine tables is dedicated to Saikoro Fiction (サイコロフィクション, literally dice fiction), a TRPG series by Adventure Planning Service. The ninja TRPG Shinobigami is probably the most well-known example of this series. A second floor with sixteen tables is described as “Cthulhu and Sword and Magic Fantasy.” Finally, the third floor is twenty five tables of various systems.

Now onto the list of games!

No. Tables Japanese Name English Name Website
5 クトゥルフの呼び声 Call of Cthulhu
4 シノビガミ Shinobigami Japanese Publisher English Publisher
4 インセイン Insane Publisher
2 SW2.0 Sword World 2.0 Starter Set Rule Book 1
2 サムライブレイド Samurai Blade
1 迷宮キングダム Meikyuu Kingdom Publisher
1 神我狩 Kamigakari Publisher
1 石油王 Oil Magnate Publisher
1 少女展覧会 Shoujoten Publisher
1 ログホライズン Log Horizon Publisher
1 モノトーンミュージアム Monotone Museum Publisher
1 マギカロギア Magicalogia Rulebook Hands On Publisher
1 ブレイドオブアルカナ Blade of Arcana Wikipedia
1 ブラインドミトス Blind Mythos Publisher
1 ビギニングアイドル Beginning Idol Publisher
1 ネクロニカ Nechronica Publisher
1 トーグ Torg Wikipedia
1 トーキョーナイトメア Tokyo Nightmare Publisher
1 テラザ・ガンスリンガー Terra the Gun Slinger Wikipedia
1 デッドラインヒーローズ Deadline Heroes Publisher
1 ダブルクロス3rd Double Cross 3rd Edition Japanese Publisher English Publisher
1 ダークデイズドライブ Dark Days Drive Publisher
1 グランクレスト Grancrest Publisher
1 ガンドッグ Gundog Japanese Wikipedia
1 カミゴロシ Kamigoroshi
1 アルスノヴァ Ars Nova Publisher
1 microscope microscope Publisher
1 サタスペ SATASUPE Wikipedia
1 ギアアンティーク Gear Antique Wikipedia
1 ガーデンオーダー Garden Order Publisher
1 ウタカゼ Utakaze Publisher
1 ヴァンパイアマスカレード Vampire: the Masquerade
1 Demon: the Fallen Demon: the Fallen
1 D&D5 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Publisher

There’s relatively few Sword World tables in the list, but there is a Sword World only convention with eight tables the following month, so I think it’s safe to say it is still alive and kicking.

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