Board Game Recycle Cube

Long on my radar, I finally made it to used board game shop Board Game Recycle Cube (ボードゲームリサイクルCUBE). Near Yokohama station, it’s tucked away on the third floor in a nondescript build that is easy to miss.

The nondescript exterior houses a number of rental units
A fairly assuming entryway. The shop name is listed on the sign to the right of the elevator
Entry way. The sign to the left of the door says please come in

Crammed with games, it stocks primarily used, but some new, board and card games. While there are a few Japanese games, the shop specializes in foreign games. I mostly saw games in English and German. It offers both consigned items from individuals as well as this that it buys and sells. Their product list is available online.

Games on a shelf when you first enter

The owner was working on his computer at a small desk in the corner. He was very polite answering my questions.

Games on shelves to the left after entering

The prices are written on cards pinned to the shelves beneath the games they refer to. A surprising variety, and I got the sense that many were curated by the owner.

Even more games behind the first shelf

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