Front of the Kazamidori shop with two block dogs greeting customers

Board Game Shop Kazamidori

Photo showing the storefront of Kazamidori.

My wife and I stopped by a nice board game shop on our way through the city of Mishima called Kazamidori (風見鶏). Kazamidori means weathercock, which forms part of the logo. While the focus of the store is card and board games, they also have sell TRPGs and Warhammer, with both featured prominently. The play space takes up the area nearest the counter, with shelves of games ringing. The play space games are towards the back, with the games for sale everywhere else. I was there Friday late afternoon, and there were two groups playing games and a couple of customers browsing games.

Table with green felt in the foreground and shelves of board games in the background. A drink fridge is to the right of the table.
The shelves to the left are games for sale, those to the right are store copies for the play space.

Shelving of various games with a display rack for D&D.
Familiar black and red book spines.

In addition to D&D, a variety of other TRPGs are also available. The manager mentioned that D&D often sold out and they had to wait for new printings, but they happened to have a full set of the Wizards of the Coast books, and a few older Hobby Japan editions.

The staff was very nice and knowledgeable, giving me time to browse before asking if I was looking for anything in particular. I mentioned being interested in Dune: Imperium, and after confirming it was out of stock, explained the basics to me while showing the store copy. Then, while I was busy looking at the components, he called his warehouse and confirmed if they had a copy and when they could send it. They did, but unfortunately it wouldn’t arrive in time for me. To my surprise, their warehouse is actually in Nakano and operates an online store called Baton Store.

Variety of games, including Warhammer box sets on the center table.

Baton Store has operated as an online retailer with Kazamidori as the physical storefront since 2019. They recently opened a new storefront in Nakano Broadway Plaza, home to the Mandarake complex and other cool speciality shops. While the Mishima shop I was in only stocks analog games, the online and Nakano storefront sells figures and other hobby goods as well.

I recommend checking out Board Game Shop Kazamidori if you’re in the Mishima or Numazu area

Lots of board games on wooden shelves.


Address: 〒411-0858 静岡県三島市中央町3-45 関谷ビル1F
Phone: 055-956-2172
Hours: 11:00-21:00

Play space

Hours: 9:00-21:00, but reservations are needed before 11.

  • Hourly rate is ¥300
  • Free time from open to close is ¥1,800 and includes a free drink.
  • Monthly passport is ¥2,980

Closed Mondays and Thursdays, but Thursdays can be chartered for ¥1,500 per hour, minimum of 3 hours.


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