Castlevania on Netflix

Castlevania opening title

Despite being a long time fan of the Castlevania series, I was skeptical of an American anime adaptation of the NES classic Castlevania III. On a whim one night, I decided to give it a watch and boy am I glad I did! After a little apprehension, I was quickly drawn into the story and beautiful art, finishing the the first season wanting more.

Sypha and Trevor teaming up
Sypha and Trevor teaming up

While watching it, I was constantly finding RPG inspirations, some of which will definitely make it into the D&D game I run. The atmospheric environs and the people who populate them are well done, and the visceral violence gave ideas for creatively describing battles. To round it off, several scenes that dealt with exploring the ruins under a city brought to mind the classic dungeon delve.

Trevor Belmont holding a torch in a hallway
Dungeon delvin’


The first season is a four short 20-minute episodes, so by all means check it out.

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