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Table Game Cafe Sirocco

Storefront at night. Large glass windows.I’ve become a fan of Table Game Care Sirocco in Kamakura near Ofuna station. Opening May 1st, 2023, it combines two interests of mine: analog games and delicious drinks. Tea, coffee, and beer, along with soft drinks and juices, are all on offer.

Coffee beans and tea leaves samples in metal cans with clear lids.
The coffee and teas lined up for inspection.

The owner has puts a lot of effort into his drinks, occasionally adding new concoctions to the menu. The “Underdark” beer cocktail (Guinness beer and expresso) a new addition that I’m looking forward to trying next time I’m there. Coffee is from a shop in Northern Kamakura, and the tea is also local or from a shop in Yokohama.

Behind the Counter

I’ve been to the cafe a total of four times so far. The first time was just to check it out and I enjoyed a coffee while flipping through some books like Road to Lord and the Elden Ring TRPG. The next two times were for D&D sessions in a mini-campaign run by the owner. Most recently I dropped just to say, “hi” after a Sword World game was cancelled, and I ended up chatting with the owner for a few hours.

The owner is exceptionally friendly, and really has a passion for games, which have been a part of his life since middle school. It’s given him long lasting friendships and memories, and one of his goals is to create a space for others to likewise do so. Another impetus for starting the cafe was the pandemic, which made him want to work locally. He wants to make a space for people to have fun gaming while drinking delicious drinks.

His love of games is apparent, and the place is meant for all types of games. Board games can inspire TRPG sessions (not to mention be mined for components), and TRPG sessions can become board or miniature games. Supporting all types of table games allows cross pollination. This approach also carries over to the interior design. While there is the side room, the rest of the tables are in the open, allowing people to see games other people are playing, and in turn potentially inspire interest in games one may not be familiar with.

The Space

The main room in the foreground with a side room available to the side. Three tables are hexagonal. Book shelves filled with TRPGs and board games are in the background.

The store is spacious and brightly lit. Previously a convenience store, the front is lined with large glass windows letting in natural light. The owner intentionally keeps the lights bright to make reading game text and books easier.

The side room with two rectangular tables. The walls are papered with an Azul motif.Three tables are hexagonal, while three others in the main room are standard rectangles that sit four. There are also smaller tables lining the windows for use by cafe guests not playing games. A side room contains two tables.

I’ve participated in two D&D sessions, and the cafe was comfortable. The table had plenty of space for everyone’s drinks, character sheets, and the map.

The Games

Board and miniature games on the shelf.
Board and miniature games. Underworlds and another Games workshop are on the left shelf, with the rest being card and board games.
There are more than 150 board/card games and 400 TRPG books available for use, and bring your own is of course allowed. A list games is available on their Bodoge page. Murder mystery games are popular in Japan, and the store hosts them as well as board and TRPG events.
While the card and board game selection is nice, the shelves of TRPG books make me feel like a kid in a candy store! The owner moved his personal collection of TRPGs to the store, which he said is great since he can read at work now. The downside is now he needs to remember to bring the ones he wants to read home. The selection is comprehensive, with books from the late ’80s to the latest releases, such as the Elden Ring TPRG.

Three shelves of TRPG books.
This shelf puts a smile on my face every time.

The System

Drink Menu
Cream based drinks include have the choice of cow milk or oats milk.

There’s a one drink requirement in addition to the time-based usage fee. The hourly rate is ¥500 per hour, but there are afternoon and evening packages, as well as monthly passes. There’s a student discount on week day afternoons, 5 hours for ¥1,000. Drinks are in the ¥400 to ¥800 range, though some beers are more expensive.

There are a couple of small cafe tables that are free to use for non-gaming, such as reading one of the many TRPG books available.


Table Game Cafe Sirocco is location five minutes from Ofuna station, near the large Kannon statue.

Address: 〒247-0072 神奈川県鎌倉市岡本1-6-31
Hours: Weekdays 13:00~23:00, Weekends and holidays 11:00~23:00. Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays unless a holiday.

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